SIX-PACK MC OSLO was established at Tveita in 1994 and got full colors 22.04.1995.

The founders where Terje Fagerli, Thor Sandernes, Morgan Olsen,

Tom Rudi Olsen and Kjetil Kvidal.

The name was chosen when the members brought a six-pack of beer to the club meeting.

That´s also why the ”Beer God”, Ægir, was chosen as the club patch.

Ægir was seen as a giant of sorts in Norse mythology. Fire and Wind were his brothers, and he was conqueror of the sea. His halls were not lit up by fire, but by shining gold. Every year he would invite Æsne to a banquete in his ballroom, named Brime. The beer and food guided itself around the room, with a never ending supply of food and horns of beer that would fill themselves. According to the great god Odin, no one brews beer better the Ægir! The beer, according to ledgend, is brewed in the biggest brewing vessel to ever exist,  10 000 meters deep. In Brime, Ægir´s ballroom, the gods would keep the peace for fear of being banished from Brime forever for causing unrest or war.